Wheelchairs & Walking Aids


Find out more about our selection of Wheelchairs & Walking Aids products

There is a good selection of walking aids available on the market and TGA Living is pleased to stock a good variety.  Depending on whether you need assistance indoors or outdoors, or both, there are lightweight folding frames, walking frames with seats and shopping bags and an assortment of walking sticks and crutches.

TGA Living is pleased to stock a selection of manual wheelchairs to suit a wide variety of users.  Our range includes folding, lightweight aluminium, portable transit and self-propelled models as well as more robust heavy duty versions.  We work with our suppliers to ensure we have a comprehensive range that is good quality as well as reasonably priced options and bespoke wheelchairs as are required by the Wheelchair voucher scheme.  We feel that there are a few things to consider when buying a wheelchair and these are listed below for your information.  We would always recommend you try a few options before making your decision and we would welcome you at our showroom in Farnham, we are also pleased to offer local home demonstrations. Most of the range we stock come with attendant brakes in addition to standard locking brakes.

Points to consider are:

  • Who the wheelchair is for and their size, height and weight
  • How often is the chair to be used, eg: occasional or daily
  • Is the user able to propel themselves, or will they always be pushed
  • Does the chair need to be transported and therefore need to be lightweight
  • How much support does the user need, ie: cushion, head rest

Attendant Controlled Wheelchair

Attendant controlled wheelchairs are also known as Transit wheelchairs. They have small back wheels, usually around 12” diameter and push handles behind the seat enabling the occupant to be pushed around. These wheelchairs can only be pushed by a carer, they aren’t suitable for propelling... View category

Self Propelled Wheelchair

Self-propelled wheelchairs are chairs which can be propelled by the occupant, by turning the large 24” diameter rear wheels by hand. These chairs are available in various seat sizes and made from either aluminium or steel and in folding or rigid frames to suit all... View category

Wheelchair Powerpacks

UK designed and made, the TGA Wheelchair Powerpack is the most technically advanced, easiest to fit and simplest to use power pack - Ever! For over ten years the Powerpack has been leading the way in carer controlled wheel chair motor drive assistance - dont be... View category

Wheelchair & Walking Accessories

There are a number of wheelchair and walker accessories available, the most popular of these being the wheelchair and walker bags which can hang over the back of the wheelchair and offer a good carry facility. Seat belts, cushions and gloves are also useful accessories. View category

3 Wheel Walkers

3 wheeled walkers are an aid for walking primarily outdoors, and offer good support with the addition of lockable cable brakes. Available in lightweight aluminium and heavier steel construction, all models are height adjustable, incorporate a shopping bag, and fold easily for transportation. The Uniscan... View category

4 Wheel Walkers

4 wheel walkers are an aid for walking primarily outdoors, and offer good support with the addition of lockable cable brakes. All models are lightweight aluminium, height adjustable, incorporate a shopping bag or basket, and fold easily for transportation. There are some variations in wheel... View category

Walking frames

Very lightweight aluminium frames for use indoors. These frames are available with or without front wheels and are all height adjustable to suit a variety of users. There is also a folding option available. View category

Walking sticks

There are a wide variety of sticks available and it is a matter of personal choice whether you have folding or not, height adjustable, fixed height, wooden, aluminium or carbon fibre. All sticks can be shortened to the correct height. Additional rubber ferrules, stick holders,... View category


Offering additional elbow support over a standard stick, crutches are a popular choice for people wearing leg casts or splints. All crutches are height adjustable to suit adults of varying heights. Available with standard straight grip handles or comfy grip handles for spreading out the... View category