Wellbeing & Therapy


Find out more about our selection of Wellbeing & Therapy products

Within our wellbeing and therapy section you’ll find a range of products to help with recovery from illness as well as items for maintaining independence.

Pain relief pens, gel, and hot/cold packs are used for effective natural pain relief treatment for arthritis, sciatica, back pain, muscle pain and spondylitis.

The circulation booster uses electrical muscle stimulation to stimulate nerve endings therefore improving the blood flow. 

The pedal exerciser provides a simple, effective and affordable way of developing fitness, building strength and muscle and improving circulation.

Therapeutic exercise putty and exercise balls are available in difference resistances and are useful for increasing strength in the hand and wrist.

Tablet splitters, tablet crushers, and the pill poppet make taking tablets just a little easier. 

The eye drop dispenser is invaluable for those who struggle with eye drops.

There are many more products which can help specific requirements and difficulties.  Please do contact us to find out whether we can help you.

Leisure equipment

Making your hobbies and pastimes easier when you are restricted by poor mobility and ill health. Our most popular items are for the garden. View category

Exercise equipment

Keeping moving is essential in stopping joints seizing and stiffening. We have chosen a few of the most popular items to aid exercise. The Pedal Exercisers keep knee joints supple and improve circulation and the hand exercisers, putty and balls all help arthritic, stiff hands... View category

Health & Medication

Many people have to take medication several times a day. We supply an assortment of pill boxes so that tablets can be sorted for regular dosage. We have chosen a selection of different styles to suit every need. The Pill Poppet is essential in the... View category

Pain relief

Arthritic joints and poor circulation can mean a great deal of pain. Our most popular aids are the pain-gone pen and the arthritic gloves. The large contour pen makes writing easier for those with stiff, swollen or shaky fingers and hands. View category

Hot & Cold Therapy

Heat in a Click is a heat therapy action, also known as thermotherapy; it is the application of heat to the body for rain relief and health. It can be beneficial to those with arthritis, stiff muscles and injuries to the deep tissue of the... View category

Telephones & alarm systems

Hearing and seeing a standard telephone can be a problem for those with poor vision or hearing. Our range of telephones offer bigger buttons, easier to read displays and amplified sound. There is also an amplifier which plugs into a standard telephone to improve the... View category