Simplistic beauty and revolutionary design
Simplistic beauty and revolutionary design
WHILL turns on its own axis with a 28inch turning radius
All directional wheels are a key feature

WHILL from TGA: freedom, redefined.

WHILL is a new Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) that is redefining powered wheelchair design. 

Designed and developed by leading talents from the Japanese car industry, WHILL is a pioneering new powerchair with some incredible and unique features. If you have limited walking abilities, never again will you struggle to manoeuvre around your home, at work or outdoors. 

Indoors, WHILL has state-of-the-art responsive control and one of the smallest turning circles in the world so you can move smoothly and effortlessly in the tightest of spaces. Outdoors, the 4-Wheel Drive system can easily manoeuvre up kerbs and slopes and over challenging terrain most power chairs can’t touch. Compact chassis wheels that don’t need to pivot mean you can drive more accurately and precisely than ever before. Technically sophisticated yet beautifully simple, WHILL is the powerchair solution that is equally at home in an urban or rural environment. 

Sit in this remarkable product for the first time and you will immediately feel the precision and quality of WHILL. Every ergonomic detail has been carefully considered so owners can push their boundaries and achieve things that have previously not been easy or possible. 

Effortless manoeuvrability - All-directional front wheels that encompass 24 rollers that rotate sideways which means the wheels don’t need to pivot. Turn 360 degrees in a space less than 71cm wide.

Class leading accessibility - Drive over 3’’ high obstacles such as kerbs and safely tackle 10 degree slopes with stability and control.

Pioneering performance - a powerful 4WD system, large 12.5’’ rear wheels, 2 x 12v 50ah batteries and a 4mph top speed delivers reliable multi-terrain capabilities for up to 12 miles.

Tailor-made comfort - advanced postural support through bespoke seating adjustments for user weighing up to 220lb.

Impressive ergonomics - effortless steering and controls designed for limited strength and dexterity.

Precision and quality - top specification engineering with a superior finish and feel – built to deliver comfort and movement you can always rely on.

Comfortable table and desk access - powered seat slide moves you smoothly into the ideal seated position.

Simple side transfers - arm rests swing-away neatly so you can slide on and off WHILL with ease. 

Whisper quiet propulsion - precision motors deliver an unobtrusive drive.

As with all TGA products, choose WHILL and you will receive personalised assessment and support to ensure you are independent with peace of mind. Our trusted assessors will bring a WHILL to your home so you can experience its unique features first-hand. They will discuss the options available in terms of seating and check whether WHILL is suitable for your needs and lifestyle.

Choose WHILL and you buy into a complete service package that will look after you for the lifetime of the product. From specialist servicing through to insurance and technical support TGA will always be there to help and make sure you can achieve the most out of life.

Specification Detail Metric Imperial
Height   Depends on choice of back support
Width   60cm  
Length   112cm  
Total Weight   115kg (with batteries)  
Range - up to   24km  
Power   2x24v 50Ah batteries  
Speed - variable up to   6kmh  
Maximum Gradient   10 degrees  
Front Wheel   5cm  
Rear Wheel   32cm  
Ground Clearance   9cm  
Weight capacity   100kg

£11,995.00 exc. VAT

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