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Powerchairs, or electric wheelchairs as they’re also known, offer the user great independence without the effort of self-propelling as they are driven by an electronic joystick.  This control is mounted on one side of the chair and therefore can be used by partially paralysed, those with use of only one arm, those affected by stroke or similar.  They are particularly manoeuvrable and therefore suitable for use indoors and around shops etc.  There are a great selection of powerchairs on the market and we stock are a collection from our preferred suppliers but we have plenty more we can offer, to order.  Generally a powerchair is a bespoke purchase as the size, seating, and comfort of the chair will vary between users. We offer small, compact, rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, indoor and outdoor models and a variety of seating & extras to suit every requirement.  There are few things to consider when looking for a powerchair and these are listed below, for your information.

  • The size, height and weight of the user
  • How often is the chair to be used, eg: full time or just occasional
  • Is it for indoor or outdoor use, or both
  • What range of mileage is required
  • If it is for use outdoors then what sort of terrain will it be used on
  • How much support does the user need, ie: cushioning, head rest, stump support etc
  • Is the powerchair going to be transported, and therefore need to be harnessed into a vehicle or taken to pieces to put into a car boot

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