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TGA Living are pleased to stock a wide range of products to aid with dressing, personal care and comfort.

Tremors, stiffness, pain, weakness, or paralysis can make dressing, undressing, and personal hygiene particularly difficult.

The long handled range of products may help people with a limited range of movement in their wrists or hips and could compensate for a lack of reach or strength.
A dressing stick is useful for pushing clothes off or pulling on, especially for those with rheumatoid arthritis who may have limited shoulder movement.  Attaching a ring or loop to the zipper tab makes it easier to pull with fingers or a dressing aid.  Elastic shoelaces stay tied and stretch open when shoes are taken off and put on.  Stocking Aids and Tight Aids help people with difficulty bending, these can be used to put on socks, tights or stockings.  The bra Angel is for one-handed use -the aid holds one end of clothing while the other end is brought round for fastening. Long hand reachers are designed to help people who have difficulty bending and reaching. They can be used to pick up everyday items around the home or take socks off too. TGA Living also stock personal care items such as male urinals, female urinals, bed pans and toilet tissue aids.

Womens Footwear

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Mens Footwear

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TGA Living stock a range of clothing protectors, including waterproof, disposable, smart & discreet and absorbent. All of the bibs fasten around the neck, either with quick fastening poppers, Velcro, or ties. There are a variety of sizes and colours available. If our selection online... View category

Dressing aids

TGA Living stock a range of aids to help with the task of dressing for those who have limited movement or restrictions. We have chosen the most useful which include button hook, zip puller, sock aid and long handled versions of brush, comb and shoehorn.... View category

Patient alarms

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