Moving/Handling & Pressure Care


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Moving and handling equipment is designed for those who are caring for others, perhaps in their own home.  The emphasis is on comfort and safety of both the carer and the patient.

Transferring is made much easier with the aid of a shaped transfer board, or a swivel cushion. 

Moving a patient from sitting to standing can be hard without a handling belt.  These belts are fitted around the patient and have vertical and horizontal loops to enable a good stronghold for the carer whilst bringing the patient to their feet.

Slide sheets are extremely useful when moving a patient back into a bed or chair and facilitate movement without any shearing.

There is a vast range of equipment to help carers who are struggling.  We would be pleased to talk to you about your specific needs and requirements.

Pressure care cushions are available in many sizes and with various risk ratings.  All patients who are sitting for prolonged periods of time are advised to sit on a pressure cushion.  This is to stop the skin breakdown and lower the risk of pressure sores developing. 

Fleece elbows protectors, heel protectors and fleece pads for sitting on are also good providers of pressure relief.

Moving and handling

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Cushions & wedges

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Pressure Care

Fleece/pure new wool a natural material giving softness, preventing sweating and offering pressure relief. TGA Living offer fleece ankle protectors, fleece elbow protectors and various pad sizes to sit or lie on. The knee pillow keeps hips correctly aligned whilst sleeping and prevents pressure. View category