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Every aspect of daily life can be difficult when your disability affects you performing even the most simple tasks.  The effects of stroke, arthritis, parkinson’s, poor co-ordination or muscle weakness can make meal times especially difficult.

TGA Living stock a comprehensive range of plates, mugs and cutlery as well as reaching aids, indoor trolleys and grab rails to make life more manageable around the home. 
Our selection of household dining aids include 1 and 2 handle mugs with numerous lid options.  Generally these mugs are plastic and shatterproof but we are pleased to offer the 'dignity' range which is ceramic and stylish in 3 colours, incorporating spouted lids, straw lids and open tops, again with 1 and 2 handled option.
All of the plates and bowls TGA Living offer are plastic and generally dishwasher and microwave proof.  The choice of plates and bowls include those with built-up lip (scoop) or sloping sides which enable food to be pushed easily onto your cutlery as well as plates with sections for separating foods.  We also sell bowls/plates which have a bottom cavity you can fill with hot water thus keeping your food warm for longer.  If you wish to use your own plates but have difficultly manoeuvring your food then you'll find the plate surround very useful.  This simple flexible guard can be clipped to ordinary plates to provide a high lip around the plate to assist eating.
Using Dycem non slip matting under your plate or cup will also make things much easier as the non-slip properties prevent things moving.  Dycem mats come in different sizes and in rolls which can be cut to size.  We also provide a non-slip matting which is more textured than Dycem and can be useful for tray surfaces and desks etc. 
TGA Living also stock disposable and washable bibs to protect clothing.  With the preservation of your dignity some of our bibs come in styles and colours which are more flattering.
There is vast range of cutlery for those who struggle to eat using standard cutlery.  TGA’s range include left and right hand angled cutlery which is easier to guide to your mouth, cutlery with padded or textured handles for those who have poor grip.  It is also possible to get tape which can be wrapped around standard cutlery to enlarge the handle size and therefore make it easier to hold.  This tape can also be used on toothbrushes, hairbrushes or any other item which is too slender to hold ordinarily.

We offer aids which can help opening cans and jars if you are disabled or elderly with hand weakness due to arthritis, injury or other disabling impairments.  These include: jar twister, can pull, bottle opener, ring pull, one touch tin opener, hands free openers and electric options.


Indeed, TGA Living cover a huge selection of products and if there is something you are specifically looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.


Trolleys are useful for carrying items from room to room or even as a walking aid, offering support to those with poor mobility. The Walking Trolley and the Lets Go trolley both have brakes making them suitable for outside use. The shopping trolley with seat... View category


Long handled pick up reachers are useful for picking up items from the floor for those who cannot bend or are restricted to a sitting position. The Revo Reachers are gripped by the whole hand to activate the jaws, whereas the Easi Reachers are operated... View category


The 9” sturdy stool is a great aid for reaching items up high, or for standing on at high sinks etc. The addition of the handrail gives useful support when getting on and off and gives something to hold onto for stability. View category

Grab rails

TGA Living stock a range of grab rails to suit all situations. Sometimes it is essential to have a non slip grip on a rail, for example in a bathroom, and the plastic fluted and Prima rails are great for this environment. Chrome can also... View category

Reading & writing aids

TGA Living does a variety of aids to help those with poor sight or mobility restrictions affecting reading and writing. Magnifiers are very popular and come as flat sheets, on a cord to wear around the neck, and with inbuilt lights. Pen grips are a... View category

Non slip products

Dycem is a wonderful invention for creating a non-slip surface. There are many shapes and different colours available to suit trays, plates, bowls, or any other item which you are hoping to hold secure. View category


Our range of scissors all have longer handles than standard scissors, to help with reaching toenails for example. The easi scissors also have good grips on the handles and spring open automatically when released making them good for users with little strength. View category

Cups & mugs

A wide variety is available depending on whether the user requires 1 or 2 handles, the type of spout or a straw to drink with. The hydrant drink system is good for those who require a large volume of fluid transported with them, and the... View category


The plate surround and plate guard enable standard plates to have a raised edge around the plate. The Manoy plates and scoop dishes give sloped edges making it easier to push food against, especially useful for those with use of only one arm, for example. View category

Kettle tippers

Lifting a kettle of water is often difficult and dangerous for people with limited mobility. The range of kettle tippers we offer suits every style of kettle and allow the kettle to be mounted on a stand and tipped to use, therefore eliminating any lifting.... View category

Cutlery & utensils

Holding standard cutlery is difficult for sufferers of arthritis and other conditions affecting mobility of joints. Larger handles make gripping easier and being lightweight helps too. Various styles are available to suit personal preference. The splayed fork and nelson knife combine uses of cutlery and... View category

Food preparation

The goodgrips peeler is an excellent tool with its wide, non-slip, soft grip. The food board helps secure food for cutting, peeling and grating and is especially useful for those with the use of just one arm, for example. View category

Tin, Jar & bottle openers

The difficulty of opening items is something we’re all familiar with. The TGA Living range covers all from small bottles to one handed tin openers. There is even an anti-slip container for holding items of all sizes firmly in place and therefore leaving your hand... View category


Carrying items safely is a common problem for people with limited mobility. The one handed tray gives a large carry area, an anti-slip tray mat and enables carrying whilst leaving your other hand free to use a walking stick etc. View category