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Within this section you’ll find a variety of chairs ranging from high-seat upright fireside styles to comfortable recliners with riser actions.  TGA Living offer two different profiling beds, one with a divan and drawer base and one with wooden legs.  The profiling action of the beds is much the same but the wooden legs can be in various heights and therefore is a better option for very tall or very short customers who might struggle with the fixed height of the Sherborne divan bed.  There are an assortment of furniture raisers, tables and other accessories in this section too.  TGA Living is pleased to work with a number of stairlift providers and offer free of charge service whereby we will come and measure your staircase and obtain a quotation for installation.  Installation can be arranged within a few days or even hours so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Specialist Seating

Kirton Healthcare Chairs View category

Profiling Beds

Electric adjustable beds offer you the opportunity to get your sleeping position just right so that you can relax and rest comfortably. The profiling action of an electric bed describes the 3 horizontal sections of the base which all work independently. This means you can... View category

Rise & Recline chairs

The most important consideration when purchasing a chair is the size of the individual who will sit in the chair. Seat height from the floor, seat width and seat depth are all imperative to ensure that the chair is as supportive and comfortable as possible.... View category

High Back Chairs

TGA Living are pleased to stock a range of upright, high-seat static chairs and electric riser recliner chairs. We have selected from various suppliers a good collection of models to suit every customer need. The most important consideration when purchasing a chair is the size... View category

Bed & Chair Accessories

The most popular accessory is the over bed/over chair tables. These are available in different styles, with or without castors; all are height adjustable and have the facility to tilt the top to support a book whilst reading, for example. The bed/chair raisers offer the... View category


TGA Living is pleased to work with a selection of manufacturers to offer straight and curved stair-lifts depending on your staircase. It is essential that your stairs are measured by a professional before a specific quotation can be given. Please contact us to arrange a... View category