Bath Cushion

The Bathing Cushion is simple to use lowering you gently to the bottom of the bath.  Once there you can choose whether to leave a small amount of air in the cushion to act as a back support, or release all the air to lie right back and bathe as normal.  When you have finished your bath, the Bathing Cushion can be re-inflated to lift you steadily back up level with the top of the bath.  This Bathing Cushion is operated by a compressor system which is plugged in outside of the bathroom.  The compressor airhose is 1.8m (6’) long therefore allowing the cable to run along in to the bathroom.  This Bathing Cushion is stable, easy to transport, compact and easy to store.


Seat Height min/max: 2cm/40cm

Seat Depth: 44cm

Seat Width: 58cm

Backrest width: 54cm

Weight of bathing cushion: 2kg

Maximum user weight 150kg/23 stone

£559.99 exc. VAT

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