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TGA Living is pleased to offer a range of bathing and toileting aids to suit all requirements and needs.

Grab rails are an essential in any bathroom or cloakroom if you are struggling with your stability.  TGA Living offer various lengths of rail and suction grab rails which can affix to wall tiles, or similar smooth surfaces.

People who don't find bathing as easy as they used to, and maybe perhaps struggle getting in and out of a traditional bath, could benefit from a simple bath seat which affixes to the base of the bath with sucker feet.  These come in different heights – 6”, 8” or 12” depending how low in the bath the user wishes to sit.  Obviously the use of a rail in conjunction with the seat works excellently. 

Often bathing is too much and users will opt to use the shower over the bath.  TGA Living sell bathboards to facilitate sitting in comfort on the top of the bath whilst showering.  This is particularly good for those who suffer with poor balance as there is no need to stand.  The bathboard is slatted and fully sealed plastic so it isn’t too cold to sit on and the water can drain away easily.  Bathboards come in a selection of sizes to suit all bath widths and an additional handle is also available.

However, difficulties getting into and out of the bath are quickly and most easily overcome when using a battery operated bath lift.

A bath lift operates by gently lowering the person to the bottom of the bath, letting them bathe conveniently in comfort, safe in the knowledge that the bathlift will raise them again. Bathlifts are easy to use and the waterproof hand control unit has an easy to use pressure sensitive up and down buttons. Bathlifts are lightweight, quick and easy to install and portable, and so can be used in different locations. The bathlift is both hygienic and comfortable to use. The cover is usually both non-slip and machine washable for convenience. The bathlift is attached to the bath using suckers, which ensure that the bathlift won't slide around the bath. The bathlift runs off a rechargeable battery, and comes with a charger.

Long handled sponges, toe washers, hair washing aids and lotion applicators are also available at TGA Living.

Our toileting range includes commode chairs, raised toilet seats, toilet frames, and even porta potti toilets. Please do contact us to find out more specific information on any of the above

Bath seats

Bath seats all affix to the base of the bath with strong suckers. The ranges we stock are all plastic construction but vary in design to suit personal preference. There are various heights available in every design depending on how low in the bath you... View category

Shower stools

TGA Living stock stools with arms, stools without arms and stools with arms and back. Depending on your ability it is worth considering how easy it is getting up and down without arms to support you. The perching stool range have sloped seats which help... View category

Bath lifts

The most popular bathlifts are the BathMaster Deltis and the BathMaster Sonaris. Both are solid plastic chairs which affix to the base of the bath with 4 strong suckers. They raise and lower with a rechargeable waterproof battery handset and won’t take you into the... View category

Bath accessories

Inflatable bath cushion and pillow offer comfort when bathing and affix with suction pads to the bath. Long handled sponges and toe washers are great for those hard to reach places. Bath and shower mats are essential to ensure safety in the wet slippery environment... View category

Raised toilet seats

Essential for anyone having trouble getting up and down from the toilet seat, especially following hip or knee operations. Raised toilet seats are white plastic construction, easy to clean; they affix with adjustable brackets to the bowl of the toilet and are easily removable after... View category


Necessary for anyone with limited mobility especially those without a downstairs toilet. TGA Living stock the basic commode which serves its purpose but not particularly pretty, as well as nicer looking chair commodes which fit in with existing furniture and can be used as seats... View category

Toilet frames

Again these are essential for anyone struggling getting up and down from the toilet, especially following hip or knee operations. Toilet frames are height adjustable and offer arms either side of the toilet to aid getting up or down. Toilet frames are available with or... View category


TGA Living offer a range of male and female urinals, as well as travel urinals and non-spill urinals, to suit all users and situations. View category

Continence care

TGA Living stock a full range of continence products. Bed and chair pads provide an absorbent layer for sitting or lying on, they are available washable or disposable. The level of incontinence will dictate the most appropriate product for each individual. Stick in pads can... View category